Day to Day Emotional Cleansing: Five Simple How-Tos



Emotional cleansing is as vital as physical detoxing. However, the world is more focused on looking good on the outside that it puts more emphasis on the latter. Why should we cast the limelight on emotional cleansing? Know the reasons why. Plus, learn 5 simple ways to cleanse emotionally that you can do every day.

Your emotions can make or break your total well-being. Your feelings don’t just affect your mood. Their influence extends to your physical health as well as your will to do things . . . Like work. For example, a recent study proved that sadness releases stress chemicals throughout the body, the same ones that are responsible for inflammatory illnesses like stroke and heart disease.

Simply put, when you take care of your emotional state, you’re taking care of the other aspects of your life as well especially your physical health.

What is Emotional Cleansing?

Before going to the emotional cleansing how-tos, you need to understand first what emotional cleansing is.



Think of a trash can. When you don’t empty it on time, garbage piles up, stench rises, and there’s a great chance you’ll find worms among the smelly fill. Your heart is the trash can, and the piling trash is the negative emotions you feel throughout your day — an unfinished project because of an uncooperative co-worker, squabble with a loved one, stress caused by your hyperactive kids, a breakup, financial worries . . . And the list could go on. If you don’t get rid of these things at the end of your day, they’re going to be tomorrow’s extra baggage.

Eventually, they end up being your life’s joy-killing toxins.

The Benefits You Get from Getting Rid of Your Emotional Toxins

Clearing out your heart out of these joy-zapping toxins called negative emotions results to . . .



  • -Having that sense of freedom and lightheartedness, a rare commodity in a world of stress and pressure,
  • – Gaining a more positive outlook on life,
  • – Doing healthier things and enjoying a healthier lifestyle, and most importantly,
  • – Possessing the desire to enjoy life; not just seeing life as a state of existence or worse, considering suicide.

While emotional cleansing seems like a heavy undertaking to do on a day-to-day basis, it actually isn’t.

Doing the 5 simple ways below is a great start to cleaning your emotional state.

Emotional Cleansing: 5 Doable How-tos

  1. Make quiet time a part of your habit.

Yoga, meditation, listening to soothing music, leisure walking and nature trekking, journaling, reading the Bible and praying . . . These are just some of the physical things you do that actually promote inner healing through reflection and getting in tune with your inner self.

Start with a 15-minute quiet time and self-reflection that gradually builds up to 30 minutes. And when doing your quiet time, focus on things that make you calmer and centered.

  1. Cleanse yourself from anger and guilt.

These two emotions are [arguably] the biggest ones you have to confront when doing emotional cleansing. Look back on your day. Identify the things, events or persons that triggered your anger or caused you to feel guilty.

Then, as you remember them, let go. If it’s guilt you’re feeling, think of things you can do to be better and not repeat the same mistakes again. If it’s anger, release the grudge that keeps holding you down and forgives. With this said . . .

Most self-help articles equate forgiving with learning. While dishing out forgiveness is a lifelong process, the word forgive is an action word that needs to be done NOW! You have to teach yourself to actually forgive and not just learn to forgive. Because if you’re just doing the latter, you’ll never be able to accomplish your endgame.

If it’s yourself you resent, tone down your inner critic. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Make up for your mistakes with your accomplishments. And when someone does pat your back and commend you for a job well done, accept it wholeheartedly.

  1. Have a good cry if you need to.




Crying is cathartic. Tears are a sign that you accept the pain. They’re also your first step to healing. Nevertheless, don’t wallow too long in it. Enjoy a good cry, pick yourself up and walk forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking wobbly, little steps. At least you’re moving forward, not wallowing in the mud or worse, running back.

  1. Don’t keep looking back at your past. Live in the present.

One of the biggest hindrances to emotional cleansing is when an individual keeps resurrecting past ghosts and keeps looking back to the what-ifs of his/her life. Move on isn’t just a cliche advice people dish out after breakups. You actually have to do it to be emotionally free.

  1. Be honest.

When you start being honest with the people in your life, you’ll find that you’re regrets, guilt feelings and even committed mistakes lessen. Honest communication makes for a more realistic expectation from others, too.

Keep your emotional health in check. After all, your life’s balance hangs on it.


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