Frequently Asked Questions About Calming Anxiety

Honestly, I do understand that anxiety is an inevitable thing. I know that I will still experience some sorts of ups and downs or fears from things around me, whatever I do. There is a lot that I worry about, and these include my relationship with other people, my financial status, my job responsibilities, as well as my emotional and mental health. But those things are merely part of my life. Therefore, I know I should not worry too much about it because no matter what I do, I still have to look for ways to better manage them.


Dealing with anxiety is not something I am terrified of. In fact, I don’t even consider it destructive or anything. I understand its purpose, and somehow, I feel like the experience and struggle with it is normal that I do not have to think much through about its entire effect in my life. However, looking through the instated changes in my daily routine, particularly in my sleep, everything is becoming too much. There are nights I find myself struggling to get a good and relaxing sleep because I was filled with thoughts that I do not know where the heck came from. I find myself constantly worrying about tomorrow, and it is frustrating.

If you are like me that deals with crippling anxiety, you also have questions you frequently asked. Some of these may include the following:

How can I calm my anxiety fast?
You can calm your anxiety fast by talking about your feelings to a friend, family member, or even a health professional or counselor. You can also start using calming breathing exercises or incorporate mindfulness or yoga into your routine. Consider exercising activities such as running, walking, swimming, and yoga to help you relax. It is essential to keep your mind and body preoccupied with other things to stick around with negative thoughts.

How do I calm down my anxiety?
When you feel stressed and anxious, you can calm yourself by taking some time off. Consider eating well-balanced meals with fruits and vegetables. It will significantly help improve your mood and increase your physical strength. Also, try limiting your alcohol and caffeine consumption because those can trigger panic attacks. Prioritize getting enough sleep so your mind and body can recover from exhaustion. Practice breathing exercises and put your overall wellness as a top priority.


How can I calm my anxiety at night?
Anxiety at night can be a tough battle, which is why you must prioritize your health improvement list. You can start with meditation. Focus on your breathing. Allow your mind and body to connect with each other. Also, get enough sleep. If you find it hard to concentrate in sleeping, consider playing some instrumental music so you can get adequate overall rest.  If your anxiety still does not go away, consider spending time talking to someone about your problem. Chat or call someone close to you that you know will listen and will never judge you.

What is sleep anxiety?
Sleep anxiety is a kind of performance anxiety. Usually, it comes from the stress from overthinking, which often hinders you from getting enough sleep. In unfortunate instances, it triggers feelings of nervousness, restlessness, and gastrointestinal problems. There is trouble concentrating. It makes you find difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Can’t sleep at night anxiety?
Anxiety is known to cause serious sleep issues, such as insomnia. But for some people, their anxiety leads to trigger a panic attack. It tends to be different as it somehow causes an uncontrollable level of exhaustion and fatigue. And when that happens, the mind and body become unable to function properly, leaving them incapable of emotionally and mentally handling themselves.

How can I stop thinking at night?
There are some ways you help yourself from overthinking at night. You can start with the creation of an optimal environment. Create a pre-sleep routine where you can focus your brain on some mental exercises. You can write down your worries in a journal, use some aromatherapy to soothe your bedroom, and just think about the positive things.

What is the most reliable medicine for anxiety and insomnia?
The best medicine for anxiety is these antidepressant drugs: trazodone (Desyrel), which are very good at treating sleeplessness. Benzodiazepines or known as the older sleeping pills. And when you want an insomnia medication that stays in the system longer, you can consider temazepam and triazolam.

How can I improve my deep sleep time?
It is important to note that some sleep improvement tips may work with you but not with others and vice versa. But you can always work on proven safe, easy, and effective ways that suit your convenience. It includes getting the right amount of exercise in a day, keeping a friendly diet, regulating your emotions, keeping your body hydrated, and avoiding alcohol.


Of course, I understand that some of the activities mentioned above might not interest you. Thus, it would be unfair to force yourself on things you are not comfortable with. With that, you need to take things slow. If you want to talk to people about your anxiety, then start with a trusted person. After that, you can gradually walk your way through expressing your thoughts and feeling to a smaller group before reaching a crowd. And about some suggestions mentioned above about medications, you must understand the purpose of your drug intake. Understand your condition first and evaluate how much it impacts your life. That is the only way you can recover once you already knew what you are dealing with.

It is important to realize that a good night’s sleep is essential in your overall development. Thus, you should not let anxiety get in the way of it. It would be great to try your best to deal with the mental condition before it gets worse. Never ignore the signs and symptoms and seek professional help immediately.


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