How To Choose Sunglasses Based On Facial Structure


You do not need the help of an offline or online therapy expert to find out the reasons why people wear sunglasses. Some use it mainly to protect their eyes from the glare of the sunlight; others wear it because they look good with them on or they match their outfit. Meanwhile, there are also individuals who put on sunglasses to exude a mysterious effect that draws even strangers toward them.

However, you should be aware of the fact that not all spectacles can look amazing on you. Some shades can make your face appear bigger or cause you to resemble someone from an alien planet. The reason is that you have to consider your face shape before investing your money into a pair of sunglasses. It is no different from when selecting your hairstyle, to be honest. In addition to that, high-quality spectacles do not come cheap; that’s why you have to ponder about it well.

Here are some ideas on choosing sunglasses based on your facial structure.

Round Face

If you have a face that is the same shape as Drew Barrymore’s, then I suggest that you get sunglasses that have rectangular lenses. That will offer the illusion of a narrower and thinner face, considering geometric frames make your facial features more defined and upturned structures allow the upper portion of your face to become more noticeable. And those who said that wearing black can make you look good all the time? Congratulate them because they are right. Try wearing spectacles that have black frames to make your face slimmer.


Oval Face

For the women who have a face shape that’s similar to Julia Robert’s and Beyonce’s, think of yourself as a lucky individual. It is not only because your facial structure is almost the same as your idols’ but also because you can wear nearly all kinds of frames and lenses. The only exceptions are those overly large spectacles that can already cover your facial assets.

Oblong Face

Narrow-shaped faces like Sara Jessica Parker’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s should opt for shades that have big lenses and thick frames. The latter will allow your face to appear shorter, while the former accentuates the top part of the face.

Square Face

Demi Moore and Brad Pitt are just two of the famous Hollywood celebrities who have strong, angular jaws. For those who have a face shape as they do, you will want to avoid geometric frames because they will make your face shape more pronounced. Instead, go for egg-shaped lenses, rounded, oval or sweetheart frames, and classic wayfarers, which may all soften or complement your robust features.

Diamond Face

People who have a face shaped like Madonna’s are sometimes mistaken to have square jaws. In truth, however, diamond-shaped faces have smaller forehead and jaw, while the other one has a full forehead and a defined jaw. Diamond faces, for that reason, are supposed to wear sunglasses that have oval frames to match the shape, as well as upswept frames to accentuate the cheekbones. Turn your back on the sunglasses that have narrow frames because they can only make others focus on your narrow forehead.


Triangle Face

Renee Zellweger has a slender forehead that widens until it reaches the chin. Those who have a face shape like this should wear sunspecs that have frame bottoms that are either curved inward or part-rimless to pronounce the top portion of the face.

Heart Face

The famous personalities who have this face shape are Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. They look fabulous in spectacles that are oversized because it balances their facial features and makes their chins look more extensive than they genuinely are. Small, round frames are ideal for heart-shaped faces as well because they soften the appearance of a broad forehead.

Final Thoughts

Now, assess your face in front of the mirror thoroughly. What is its shape? How prominent are your cheeks, chin, and forehead?

I am quite sure that you already have formed an image of the perfect sunglasses that will suit your face shape at this point. The main thing that you ought to keep in mind is that you should not grab the first pair of spectacles that you see at the store. More than the price, the design or the brand, consider your face shape. That may help you to look as incredible as the Hollywood celebrities you idolize, especially with the sunglasses on.


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