Looking At Psychics From A Non-Psychic View

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I went to the 2019 Psychic Event and it was quite different. Any non-intuitive person would agree with me on that. The reason I went there was to accompany my friend who always shared to me about her “third eye.” She was gifted with the “sight” as she would say but as for me, I am not really a 100% believer of psychics and their craft. And besides, this topic is a taboo to many. So I decided to go with her on that event to see for myself what a psychic is all about.

According to the speakers of the said event, a psychic is a person with special or extrasensory perception with things or information not perceived by ordinary persons in a normal environment. Usually, these are the people who say they have the third eye  and that they can see or feel things which cannot be felt by ordinary people. As I have said, I am not really a believer in these things but hearing people personally talk about these things at that event made me think of a possibility: Are there other beings existing in this world that cannot be seen by our naked eye?

Source: pexels.com

As expected, my friend was really fascinated with how the event went. She has met with other psychics or clairvoyants before and has bonded with them. Indeed, you can feel from their stories that external forces are present in their space. Others can see ghosts or spirits from afar while others can feel it once they are on a certain spot. Usually, it is where these elements have died or have stayed after their death.

I really had goose bumps hearing their experiences and of describing how they can see or feel these extraordinary events. And I can say that these extraordinary events may or may not exist but we really cannot judge them on how they perceive things. There were also non-believers like me who went to the event just to satisfy their curiosity.

Anyway, all I can say is that we just need to have an open mind and be considerate with our “psychic” friends.

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