Mindfulness And Business – A Winning Combination

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The 2017 Self-Awareness Workshop was mind-opening for me. I could not imagine how a 60-minute workshop could increase my self-awareness and mindfulness, but it did. For twenty dollars, I believe, I learned something valuable about myself that lay dormant. I even had a great breakfast to go with that workshop!

What was it all about? Well, it was about a person’s way of thinking and acting when doing business. As our speaker said in there, “mindfulness and business” is a winning combination. When a person has mastered his mindfulness skill and applied it in business, he would clearly succeed.

My business is not a multi-million investment or something like that. It began from my living room, very simple and conservative, where I would create colors and shimmers – lippies, blushies, and eye paints. Everything one can think of as long as it is face color. I have been very fond of mixing organic ingredients to make beauty products ever since I can remember. It was the focus of my study for a year, a concocter of elixirs and potions. Joking aside, you could say my business is manufacturing and selling make up.

Source: pexels.com

The self-awareness workshop assisted me mentally. It prepared my mind to think outside the box. My business, for it to grow and succeed, needs new ideas. It has to be creative and innovative. I needed my best thoughts poured into it. If one is mindful and self-aware, his thoughts will have no negative vibes. It will only be geared toward his goals of success. At that time, all I wanted was for my business to increase its market share and have better ingredients. My mental health needed the push – focus, creativity, and inspiration. That 60-minute and $20 workshop helped me so much.

You could say that my business now is going to where I want it to be. My customer base increased almost ten times since that workshop. I now have a lipstick line, a lip tint collection, and a lip stain set. Several other makeup ideas are brewing. I am happier, as well, as a hobbyist turned entrepreneur. Thanks for that workshop.

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