How To Begin Therapy 



Step 1

You can’t do it alone.

The first step to getting treatment for mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, is to acknowledge that you can’t do it on your own.

Mental illness is hard. It rips you apart from the inside out and leaves you alone to try and put the pieces back together. Therapy is essentially a map of the puzzle. It helps you figure out where everything goes and how to prevent any more setbacks.

Therapy gives you the tools you need to overcome things like anxiety attacks and panic attacks without needing assistance from anyone else.

Before venturing into therapy, be sure that you’re prepared to listen to your therapist and make changes to your everyday life based on their suggestions.

You can’t fight mental illness alone. Therapy can give you coping strategies that help you learn to fight against daily battles with anxiety and depression.

Step 2

Find the right therapist.

Any good therapist will start out your first session by telling you that it’s okay if you don’t feel like you’ve found the right fit yet. Just like some people learn best under certain conditions, some individuals respond to certain types of therapy or therapists.

While some people may prefer a therapist of the same sex, others prefer the opposite. It’s important to discover what will help you the most in your treatment, as well as not be afraid to switch therapists when you don’t find yourself connecting.

Step 3

Be prepared to work for results.

When someone is trying to lose weight or gain muscle, they don’t see results within the first week. Usually, it takes a few months to really notice a difference. The same goes for counseling. You have to put the effort in and do the tasks and exercises that the therapist gives to you.

However, if a task seems ridiculous or absurd to you, don’t be afraid to ask the therapist what the point is. If you aren’t comfortable enough to ask questions and offer your opinion, you should try finding a therapist that you have that level of comfort with. Therapy won’t be successful if you aren’t comfortable with your counselor or therapist.

Step 4

Brace yourself.


Therapy is going to hurt. The whole point of counseling is to get into the recesses of your mind and figure out the origins of problems currently plaguing your life and preventing you from living a healthy and happy existence.

To do this, you more than likely will have to relive experiences and moments that cause you pain to think about.

Be prepared to open up old wounds.

One important thing to note, however, is that the pace of your treatment is controlled by you. You know when you aren’t ready to tackle an issue. Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist if you need to slow down or circumvent an issue completely for the time being. Just be prepared to circle back to the problem and address it later.

Step 5

Don’t give up.

Even if you feel like you’ve reached a stopping point, keep going. Keep attending therapy and keep working through past experiences and issues in your life.

Therapy is a constant, consistent exercise that continues to work until you stop going. By staying in counseling, you allow yourself to have a stronger grasp on issues in your life. You learn coping mechanisms and tools to help you overcome trials and problems as they arise.

Therapy can be a massive assistance in your life if you let it. Trust in your therapist and don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you understand exactly what is happening and what will be occurring in future meetings. If you and your therapist set up a plan, you will be able to reach your goals and achieve your desires.


Help Me Love Me – Tips on Self-Love


You’ve been meaning to join the team since you transferred to this place, but you just can’t. Your family and friends keep telling you that you’re very much qualified – even better than half of the team members, but you just can’t shake off the feeling that you might embarrass yourself. You’re almost convinced that you’re just not good enough, and you hate yourself for that. 

Keeping grudges towards yourself is a sure-fire way to self-destruction. This is what people usually feel when they’ve experienced rejection, like not getting the job you’ve always wanted or not being accepted in society. Abandonment also causes one to think twice about himself. When someone you love leaves you for another, for personal or financial reasons, it greatly affects how you perceive yourself and your capabilities. Other than finding professional help online in dealing with feelings of self-hate, here are some effective ways to develop self-love. 

How to Love Yourself

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Sometimes checking out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too much aggravates self-hate thoughts simply because you often see the great things happening to a friend, or worst, to a foe! That’s just depressing, right? Not that you want your friend to fail, but you see what and where he is now, and then you start thinking about what and and where you’re not. They may be the executive of a reputable firm now, but guess what – they don’t get to see and take care of the kids the way you do. You are not perfect, and so are they. Truly, the only person you should compare to is yourself. Achieve what you can according to your own criteria, and not others – and no matter how small your achievement, celebrate it. It’s always well deserved. 


  • Respect your body by giving it what it needs, not what it wants. Do you sometimes wonder why your mood gets worse when you eat too much of what is prohibited for you? This is because consuming too much sugar or alcohol when we’re a little low or depressed would actually lead to more feelings of depression, and eventually self-hate. Giving your body the right nutrients that it needs boosts your self-confidence and encourages you to love yourself more. Exercise and fill your mind and body with happy hormones, the endorphins. Get a body scrub once a month or twice if you want. Stay fit. Take care of your body and learn to love everything about it. 
  • Be kind to others. Doing unto others what you want others to do unto you is one hell of an effective quote to live by everyday of your life. Be grateful for the little things that people show you – the “good morning’s”, the smiles, the show of friendliness – these are things that matter, more like tests of character, reminders that you can never go wrong with doing something right for someone, no matter how small. Being kind to others helps us feel good about ourselves and to people around us. People may love you for it, and people may not – so, you might as well be you. 


Heart and Head Health



There are many types of depression and when they take hold it can be hard to overcome them. However, why do depression and other such issues appear? One major factor has to be down to your feelings and the situation you find yourself in. today, head and heart health remains two very important factors in life and they cannot be ignored. How can you keep your head and heart-healthy and why does it actually matter?

Does It Matter To Be Heart And Head Healthy?

Health matters, especially when it comes to your heart and indeed your head. You can be sick in either and it can impact your life in a major way. When your heart isn’t healthy you may find it difficult to do the basic, everyday things in life, and when it comes to your head, you may struggle to get out of bed in the morning. There are lots of things that can trigger depression and it may be necessary to take a depression test. That is one issue with being unhealthy in the head and it’s important to keep a good balance between your head and heart.

What Steps Can You Take To Ensure Overall Health?

There are several steps in which you can take to ensure your overall health remains in a positive state. For starters, you can change your diet and swap the bad foods for the good, healthier ones. You can swap out unhealthy snacks for low fat, low sugar foods which will help to keep your blood sugar levels in a stable position and your cholesterol levels low. Next, you could look at contacting an online therapist when you’re feeling a bit down. This would help to keep your head health at its peak and ensure you feel comfortable in your body. Its little steps like this that can often bring the biggest change, even to your health.


Why Not Change Your Lifestyle?

For those who are constantly fighting types of depression and who feel their bodies aren’t healthy, it’s time to take action. There must be elements within your current lifestyle that are causing you to be unhealthy; find out what those elements are and make changes. If you’re someone who has a poor diet then you need to implement change so that your heart can become healthier. What’s more, if you are surrounded by people who are constantly negative then move away from them so that you can start to think positively instead.

Become More Positive

You also need to push the negativity within your life. When you are highly negative about yourself and the ideas you have then you can feel very unhappy in your stuck-in-a-rut life in a sense. That is why you have to look at ways to become a little more positive about your life and current situation. Remember, if you have depression and take a depression test and find you are suffering from it, you aren’t technically head healthy. Negativity and negative thoughts can often put you in a down feeling and that can lead to depression. Think more positively and you might just be able to keep your head health in good form. Get more tips from


Love Life

Being heart and head healthy isn’t easy, to say the least. You can be healthy in your heart but unhealthy in your mind and vice versa. It truly is a unique balancing act that is often hard to get right. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to take positive steps in changing your life and becoming healthier—both heart and head. What’s more, if you don’t take positive steps various types of depression might form so take action and become healthier today.


Learn To Love Yourself

One thing which is taught in free online counseling is to love yourself. How easy is it to love yourself? Well, for most, they really don’t know what that means or how they can do just that. It’s not easy because when you see the person you have become and don’t like it, you can’t love you! However, there are potentially many ways to actually change the person you are and learn to love yourself once again. This lack of self-love could be traced in childhood which is why there continues to have House Bills that aim to protect children. Read more here.


Why Love You?

Who loves themselves? When you are growing up you can honestly go through a lot of changes and you can hate each and every one of them. What is more, when you’re an adult and have gone through a lot of simple changes, you can find you don’t like what you see. For some, they hate their bodies and how they look and for others, they just don’t like their personality or how they act. It’s tough because everyone is different and unique and sometimes you just don’t like what you see. However, with online counseling, you might be able to learn to love yourself. Not convinced? You aren’t alone, there are thousands who think learning to love yourself is a load of rubbish and that it’s a waste. In truth, counseling can be a good starting point.


Can Counseling Really Solve The Problem?

When you see a counselor or talk to one, they are going to go through the basics of who you are and what you feel or think about yourself. So, first things first, what do you think about you? Do you like what you see or think there’s something about yourself you dislike? It’s a good start to actually understand a few things about you so that you can learn to love yourself. Free online counseling can teach you a lot and it’s one of the very best reasons to seek counseling. You might not like the idea exactly but it can be very good and something that opens your eyes to something you never thought of. Check out the website from


You Learn To Love You

It isn’t easy to see yourself in a new light when you have disliked what you have seen throughout the years and yet it’s not impossible not to love you! In truth, you have to start from the bottom and accept there have been issues about yourself that you hate but find a way to forget and forgive your actions. Once you have done so you can look at ways to learn to love yourself again and while it’ll take time, it can be very effective, to say the least. That is why more and more are choosing to look into online counseling today.

Take Action Today

Learning to love yourself can be extremely important if not only to allow some forgiveness to what you have done wrong in the past but to also move on with your life. If you can’t love yourself who else will? It’s never too late to love yourself and it can be crucial if only to allow you some happiness. Looking into free online counseling can be ideal and it might just help you open your eyes to something you never thought of before.


Teaching Self Awareness

Can free online counseling teach you self-awareness? It’s hard to relate to self-awareness because sometimes you just don’t know who you are. Yes, you know your name but when it comes to defining who you are it’s not always easy. However, is there a way to teach self-awareness even when you don’t know where to start? How can you teach you self-awareness and make it a simple road to understanding?


What Is Self Awareness?

It’s about understanding your unique qualities. Self-awareness is all about your values, what you believe in, your weaknesses as well as your aspirations, expectations and even your feelings and needs. If you see an online therapist they will tell you exactly the same thing and it’s very important to teach yourself self-awareness so you can become a better and more positive person. Without self-awareness, you can feel lost in a big world and that isn’t good. You must be able to find out who you really are so that you can become a different person but one you like and admire. It’s not as hard as you might think and with a little help, anything is possible.


You Must Love Yourself to Like You and Find Love

First and foremost, if you want to teach self-awareness you must first love who you are. You need to love and respect you before you’re able to find love and happiness. How can you possibly be happy with yourself or your life when you hate what you see in the mirror? You cannot be happy and it’s often something which allows you to push people away because you have that mindset. When you dislike yourself, you honestly think others won’t like you so it gives you the perfect excuse to be alone. This isn’t what you want or need as it can be a very unhappy and lonely life. You must be able to love yourself and like you for who you are. You can even take some free online counseling to help you achieve this. Read page at for more info.

You Can Improve Your Quality Of Life with a Meaningful Outlook on You

When you teach self-awareness you can actually find yourself to be a more positive and happier person. It is very much possible to change your quality of life and improve it all through self-awareness. If you are able to alter your views and find a more meaningful outlook on life and yourself you can feel more positive about everyday situations. This is why there are more and more people today who are looking at self-awareness and implementing it in their daily lives. With an online therapist, you might be able to find a meaningful place for your life. That is why more are now using therapy than ever before.


Love You

Having a negative outlook on life can make you very unhappy and lonely. Going through life with no one at your side can be tragic and very lonely, to say the least. However, if you can teach self-awareness to yourself then anything is possible. You can redefine your life and the person you are. There has never been a better time to change your outlook on life. With free online counseling, you might be able to kick start self-awareness.