Self-Awareness And Self-Love


Learning about myself through the 2019 Self-Awareness Event was a positive move for me. I have not been myself for the past two decades, I could say, and that is because of loving the wrong person. My husband of twenty years recently left me for a younger woman, and I devoted myself to him and our two children, without thinking of myself. Like I said, I loved the wrong person. I should have loved myself the most.

Do not get me wrong. I love my children very much. They are one of the reasons that I live and breathe. But as I learned in the self-awareness event that I attended, living and breathing solely for your children or your spouse will break you someday. You are living for yourself, and you are breathing to survive. Your spouse or your children cannot live your life for you, and so, stop living and breathing your life for them at 100% capacity. Let us just say you live for yourself 50% of the time, and the other 50% is allocated for your spouse and children. Always remember that you have to put yourself first, love yourself first because nobody else can love you that much. Only you – as you are the captain of your faith, and the master of your soul.


Be kind to yourself. People make mistakes, and it is OK to err. Forgive yourself, if you must, for all the things you previously did that were not good. Move on and leave the past behind. You will define yourself starting now because your present will be the past tomorrow.

As for toxic people, I learned in that self-awareness event that you should leave them in a snap. You do not need negative people plaguing your life. Again, love yourself first, and that means prioritizing yourself, your needs, your goals, your objectives, your desires, and your life. YOU. I do not care if it appears to be selfish. Loving yourself a little bit more is never selfish.

As long as you are not hurting others by loving yourself a little bit more, then you are on the right path.

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